Apple seeks to enhance Siri's capabilities to match Alexa of Amazon and Google's assistant


Apple is expected to announce new plans to make its audio assistant Siri working with a wide range of applications, apparently a new effort by the US technology giant to meet the rapid success of its Alexa compatriot Amazon.

Artificial intelligence engineers and experts are also likely to commit Apple to its tried-and-true approach by focusing on a small amount of features and then trying to reach perfection, instead of throwing its network as wide as possible.

Siri currently works with only six types of application: ride and share services, messaging and communication, photo search, electronic payments, and entertainment systems in cars. Apple is expected to announce at the annual WWDC 2017 Developers Conference the addition of more categories.


Some industry observers also expect Apple to announce a home-based assistant like Amazon Echo and Google Home. Still, Siri's vocal assistant is still short of Alexa's ability to perform more than 12,000 tasks.


The difference illustrates a strategic gap between the two giants. Apple is betting that customers will not use voice commands without a similar experience to talk to humans, and thus will limit Siri's capabilities to ensure that he works the best way.


In contrast, Amazon does not place any such restrictions on Alexa, betting that the vocal assistant who can complete the most skills will gain more loyalty, even if he sometimes makes mistakes and takes more effort to use.


Major technology companies are locked in an increasingly heated race to make artificial intelligence platforms good enough to allow consumers to interact with their devices more closely to nature, especially through sound.


Google is the most powerful technology company in the field of artificial intelligence, and other companies, such as Amazon through its digital assistant Alexa, Apple through Siri, Microsoft through Cortana, to rival.